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Zynga’s CityVille comes to Google Plus Games


Today Zynga announced that they are bringing their largest and most popular game on Facebook to Google Plus. CityVille, which was added to Google Plus Games today has about 72 million monthly active users on Facebook. In comparison, Farmville which is another very popular app on Facebook has about 37 million monthly active users. So this is a big move by Zynga to extend their online reach to all social platforms.

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Portal. Minecraft. Indie Games. PBS on video games.

Off Book: Video Games

Video games are important. They are a storytelling medium, a place for self-expression, a sandbox for the human imagination, and an extension of an ages old tradition of gaming. We play out some of the most essential aspects of our culture in games, and we learn more about ourselves and the world around us in the process. From the powerful cinematic experiences of mainstream gaming, to the hyper-personal environments of indie games, we are in the midst of an explosion of gaming activity that, as some predict, will continue to define the way we live and interact with information, and each other, far into the future. 


Eric Zimmerman, Game Designer
Jesper Juul, Game Studies Scholar
Leigh Alexander, Game Journalist
Syed Salahuddin, Game Designer and Curator

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Trash80, http://trash80.net/

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Sinecure Industries: Freemium: The Right Way


Freemium apps have been around for some time and have been produced in many different ways. The concept boils down to giving away an app and then having the user pay into the app for some reason. These reasons vary from app to app—maybe the user wants a premium edition of a game (as in Doodle…

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Some photo highlights of today’s games at Fort Tryon



Jared shows us how leather jacket + knee high socks = bad ass

Greg “Ziggy Stardust” Strong longs for his former glam rock days.

And a group shot just before their game with the Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs.

Additional photos can be found in the teams Flickr group later tonight:


Quidditch today was pretty awesome. The games were short but everyone played really well! Plus I beat like a badass in one game and scored a goal in another.